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My journey of hope began 20 years ago when I discovered there were reasons for my struggles and fears. Below are some resources that have empowered me to find the hope to rise again.

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I feel like I have apologized for my size since I was 14. This book brought me the science behind health and not just weight. It empowered me to speak up for what I needed from my doctors and therapist. It taught me I could find hope in my size.

Health at Every Size® principles help us advance social justice, create an inclusive and respectful community, and support people of all sizes in finding compassionate ways to take care of themselves.

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I remember the day I discovered I fit the laundry list of being the child of an alcoholic. Therapy was expensive and I needed answers. Robert J. Ackerman's book, Perfect Daughters, helped me understand what I needed to face to find my own story of hope.

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Changes That Heal is by the same author of the famous book, Boundaries. This book gave me practical steps I could make in my own life. 

Henry Cloud give manageable tips and practical approaches to bringing change for hope in healing.


One of my favorite tools is from the site. Marla Cilley brings hope to the perfectionist in all of us. Her story is compassionate and brings hope to all who feel like living in chaos isn't an option any longer.

I have a few of her books and I recommend them all!

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